The classic way of developing a structure is to carry out several meetings and presentations. It takes time and money spent on travelling and room rental. It requires the representative to deal with a fear of speaking in public. This is a more time consuming and less efficient way than the action via the Internet. There are no borders in the network and we have quick access to many people around the world.

Everything undergoes changes. The development of technology, the Internet, social media create new opportunities to achieve a significant success in the MLM. That is what development is for – to gain more, in a faster and more pleasant way. For many people recruitment through the Internet is associated with spamming. And rightly so.

Because many people recruit others not properly. "We have the best, a revolutionary marketing plan. With us you will earn millions. We have some great products that have not been marketed yet. Join us!" I guess everyone has received such a message. A lot of such offers can be found on forums and social networking sites. Are they effective?
To receive something, you have to give something first.
Do you remember the feeling when you were given something valuable for free from someone for whom you had full confidence? This deepened your relationship with this person, you felt gratitude towards them. If it was a piece of advice or a solution for your problem, something that this person has created on their own and gave it to you, they gained authority.
Would you like to work with such a person? Of course, yes. So in return the person received from you  your confidence and willingness to cooperate. This is all you need for effective recruitment. A kind of transaction has taken place here. There are some who only through wise participation in some forums attract business partners. In their profiles, under their comments they insert links to sites containing information about their business.
Become an expert
Apart from the business site, it is useful to have a website or blog about your own hobby. By writing about what you like, what you know, you give people something valuable. They begin to perceive you as someone of a certain value, as someone they should trust and with whom they should cooperate.
People starting their activity on the Internet often begin with creating a blog or a personal site on development, or the MLM. You can do it, but only if you are an expert.
If you are not, start with the fields you know best. Think of something valuable that you can give to others. It will be best if you offer something that is unique and does not exist yet.
Sites on the MLM and personal development can be done from the scratch. But only if you have something worth saying and when you have enough time to spend.
From the beginning it is useful to have a site in the form of a business card with information about your business. You will direct there the people who have expressed willingness to cooperate with you. They will obtain the necessary information about you there. In this way you will save the time you would spend explaining what you deal with.
Some of them will quit sooner or later. This is one of the stages of the recruitment process offered by online tools. With time “business card” website may become your MLM site showing that you are an expert in the field.
Show up!
It is crucial to create your own online image – a person you can trust and who knows a lot about something. The most successful are pages based on domains like A visitor should have the possibility to find your picture there (in suit, of course) taken by a professional photographer, and a short description of your accomplishments and successes.
You may insert your diplomas and training courses there as well. It is worth writing something about books you have read, your passions, about your personal goals. You are free to add something about the book or article you have written.
It is also useful to present the photos of the parties where you were given titles or promotion, as well as from your personal life, such as trips to exotic countries. This should only be positive information. Everyone has their own problems. And everyone seems to realize this – there is no need to write about it.
Create a group of leaders.
In building relationships with distributors in your own group the personal contact is essential. That is what the traditional school of MLM says. However, thanks to the Internet you can hold a meeting with anyone at any time without leaving your home. Video conferences grow in popularity.
Personal contact obviously serves more opportunities. However, only a strong brand leader may successfully replace it. The groups that have a successful leader develop most dynamically. The leader should also keep a constant contact with the group which will unify the team.
The leader has the possibility to conduct a presentation for the whole group of even 1,000 people, as the Internet does not impose any limits here. Who would want to leave such a group then? In a traditionally run MLM there is no such possibility. Quite often the great leaders do not even have their web sites or blogs.
So they cannot share their knowledge with everyone all the time. They are not able to conduct meetings for all their distributors. Then, the deeper in the structure we go, the more blurred the image and influence of even a great charismatic leader are.
A blog or a Facebook account have become indispensable tools nowadays. More and more millions of Poles participate in the forums or in social media. Whether we like it or not, the Internet becomes more and more important in marketing.
Tomek Nawrot